Blenheim, Marlborough County NZ

Yesterday we sailed across the Cookimg_20161229_194048 Straight from Wellington on the northern island to Picton on the southern island. The trip took 3.5 hours on a car

Our sister ship returning to Wellington.


ferry as big as a small cruise ship. The size was amplified by how small the semi tractor trailers looked driving aboard the ship. Funny watching everyone on board walking like drunken sailors due to the ship rolling from side to side in the choppy waters.

We picked up our rental car at the ferry terminal and drove south to Blenheim. Always uneasy the first day driving on the left side of road. We checked into our cute Airbnb cottage in the vineyards. Their total production of Sauvignon Blanc grapes is sold to Whitehaven. Whitehaven is our favorite. We are sleeping in the middle of next year’s production.IMG_20161229_111035179_TOP.jpg

We visited many wineries today and had lunch at Brancott Estate in a beautiful classic New Zealand contemporary architecture restaurant. I will post a YouTube video panning over their beautiful vineyards below. ( search Tom Brodehl).

I am having a difficult time formatting this Word Press blog. It inserts photos anywhere into my article out of sequence. Oh well. Tomorrow we will img_20161229_173620128continue our winery crawl.






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