Driving Down New Zealand’s Southern Island’s Westcoast

80% of Kiwis live on the northern island. The only fair sized towns in the south are Queensland and Christchurch. Almost all towns are under 5K population. Every town that has at least two blocks has a free standing building which houses public toilets. Each stall is stocked with hand soap dispensers, paper towels, ample tissue and they are CLEAN!!

The beauty of this island is overwhelming. Every minute offers a new panorama. We are always surrounded by steep mountains and beautiful valleys. Everything is brilliantly green. I finally have the driving thing down. I know my 4 corners. Wiz along at 100km on their 2 lane winding roads, and mom has quit yelling that I  am too close to the left shoulder.img_20161231_181006678

We drove down the coast for two days. Spent the first night at a B&B in Moana. Beautiful home run by a couple. We had dinner with them and two other couples around a hugh dining table. 2Kiwis, 2Aussies, 2Germans, 2Americans. Trump dominated the conservation as expected. We all got along splendly since we were all on the same side. Brekkie was just as much fun.

  • Today we drove down the rugged West coast. Stopping for numerous photo ops. Theimg_20170102_223252661 water is cold and the beaches are rocky and windblown.img_20170102_212428817
  • img_20170101_185227546
  • img_20170101_193021458
  • The west coast is all rain forest. The vegetation is really lush. The roads are lined with a forest of ferns. Must be hundreds of species.img_20170102_194557642
  • The beaches are all rock. Beautiful rocks though, all flat and rounded.









2 thoughts on “Driving Down New Zealand’s Southern Island’s Westcoast

  1. Hi honey, the rocks are really pretty. There’re going in the glass fish in your bathroom alongside the Sri Lankan seaglass and Thai shells. Since there are no sandy beaches, no shells to collect. These rocks will have to do 🌅


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