Wellington, New Zealand

After a grueling trip (SFO to Fiji in 11 hours, 5hr. layover, Fiji to Auckland in 3 hr., 4 hr. layover, then Auckland to Wellington) we arrived and managed to go out to dinner that night and got to bed at 11. Slept like babies and were up at 7:30.

Wellington is a lot like San Francisco. A beautiful bay and steep hillside. And like SF, very walkable. Celeste and I walked for 6 hours today. We arrived yesterday to really strong winds ( a real challenge for the pilot to land with the winds buffeting our plane from side to side) and overcast skies. Today was magnificent, and warm with scattered clouds, a real treat.img_20161227_155405711

Today we walked the waterfront, rode a cable car up a steep hill and walked back to town through the botanical gardens.




View From Our Hotel Room


View Across The Harbor


We looked at the above art installation and in trying to find a title or artist name, I walked around to the backside for information only to find a door on each piece with a sign on each reading Public Toilet. Now that is a country with vision. At home one is lucky to find a plastic Porta potty. Even they are too expensive. Think I’m liking this country.

Tomorrow we take the ferry to the southern island.


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