Auckland, New Zealand


In our foreign travels we are always amazed how technologically advanced most countries are over us. Three years ago we watched old ladies getting on busses in Seoul and tapping their cell phones on monitors to pay their fare. Here in New Zealand, chip readers on credit card machines process in less than 5 seconds. In the photo above, all McDonalds have ordering stations where you touch the screen, place your order, pay on your credit card and receive a paper printout with your order number. Move forward to claim your order.


Here is a grocery store with an entire aisle (both sides) of just wines!! Adult Disneyland.

No other photos, cities are cities. We fly home tomorrow with tons of fond memories. Will definitely return. I hear that most countries will not rent cars to people over 75. Have to look into getting a fake driver’s license which says I am younger than I am. I am summing up the trip as follows:

A) A stunningly beautiful country geographically.

B) The warmest and friendliest people of all races (tons of Asian and Indian immigrants) all seemingly living and working in harmony.

C) The most gluten free option restaurants I have ever encountered. They all have gluten free breads and rolls ( slight upcharge). Most entrees and mains have the option of being made gluten free. Pizza parlors all have gluten free “bases” as they call our crusts. One even had non dairy mozzarella.

D) Logged 3,500 km (2,200) miles on our rental car odometer. Hope they made money. Really got good at left hand driving on two lane roads at 100 km/hr (62.5mph) with 3-4 feet between oncoming cars.

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