Mount Aoraki (Cook) And Lake Tekapo


Drove today through more beautiful scenery on our trip from Dunedin to Lake Tekapo by way of Mount Aoraki for lunch. New Zealanders are reverting back to the original Maori names for lakes and peaks. New Zealanders embrace Maori culture as their own. Museums are signed and descriptive text is done in both English and Maori even though the Maoris are bilingual. They have an accepted blended culture. New Zealanders know how to do things right. Shame that the US and Australia didn’t do the same.


This was our first glacial melt lake. Forget its name.


This was our first view of Mount Aoraki with Lake Pukaki to the foreground. We stood on Pukaki’s shore.img_20170111_184127075


Mount Aoraki is covered with glaciers. As we drove in the clouds were thickening. After lunch at the park hotel it was raining but Pukaki still was in full sunshine. We drove on to Lake Tapeko and our Airbnb abode. Following pictures are at Tapeko.







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