Our Arrival In New Delhi

IMG_20151226_213841055Got in at 6 PM. A long 30 hour transit includingIMG_20151226_213656286IMG_20151226_213827214 flights and layovers. Staying at new hotel near Indira Ghandi Airport. Met by representative of our tour company and our driver Vinod. He will be with us for next two weeks. A different daily guide will also be with us each day as we change cities. The guide goes to all tourist locations with us each day.

The attached photo is actually in Bangkok. Our hotel the first night had an outdoor gallery of over a dozen transformer type sculptures that were over 12 ft. tall. All were quite impressive.

Back to New Delhi. The hotel security is tight after Oberoi attacks in Mumbai. The entry driveway is barricaded and two security guards check under your car with mirrors and inside trunk and engine compartment. Entering hotel lobby is like TSA at airport. X-ray all luggage and walk under metal detector arch.




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