Ritz Carlton Aspen Colorado

IMG_20150930_155558224OurIMG_20150929_122107160 very good friends, Rick and Karen Fenchel, invited us to join them for a one week stay at the Ritz. We accepted but could only swing 4 nights away from the biz. They had a beautiful 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath apartment with full kitchen for a week. The apartment had its own concierge who did everything for you. We were honored. Many hours were spent on the terrace looking at the snowless ski runs. Dinner and lunch were always in town. Amazing restaurants. One night we dined next to Elle MacPherson and party. Still beautiful at 51. The week coincided with The Aspen Film Festival. Took in a few flicks and did our voting. The Ritz had a wonderful shuttle service into town. If you missed the shuttle, then take a taxi from town and the Ritz paid the fare. The weather was in the 70s with cool nights. The Fall colors were beautiful. The real estate prices were stratospheric (e.g. IMG_20150928_1046022051,500 sq. ft 2bdrIMG_20150928_114157473., 2.5 ba. condo for $3M).

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