The Nam Hai, Hoi An Vietnam

IMG_20150704_170550 IMG_20150704_172327 IMG_20150704_230840 IMG_20150704_043957Finally arrived at Hoi An. The entire facility is really quite elegant. The outdoor shower (also one indoors) is my fav. However, the best outdoor shower was at the Rayavadee in Krabi, Thailand. Where else could one shower in the lush jungle with monkeys in the trees watching you.

We have an ocean front villa. We left the drapes open all night, and in that we are facing east looking across the South China Sea, we awoke to a dramatic sun rise. Mom got up at 5:30 to walk the beach, I needed another hour or so of sleep. Just north of The Nam Hai, along the beach, is a fishing community. They arise before daylight and swim/bathe in the ocean at sunrise. Everyone of them were waving or yelling “good morning” (Choi boy sang) to Mom. Guess I’ll get up with her for tomorrow’s beach walk.

The staff is very accommodating and we’ll trained. They want to drive you everywhere on campus in their fleet of buggies but we prefer to walk. The food quality is the best we have experienced at a resort. The chef is a New Zealander and the assistant chef is from Nepal. The main dining room is Western and Indian cuisine. (Nepalese chef does the Indian). In the middle of the large dining room, are 4 counters roughly 8 ft. by 20 ft. This is the kitchen. The guests sit at tables surrounding the counters on all sides. The show is watching the cooks do their thing in the middle of the room. All 4 counters are covered by the most chrome polished and architecturally designed exhaust canopy. AND because the chef and food and beverage manager are both Kiwis, the wine list has 9 different Marlborough New Zealand sauvignon blancs on it!!!

Last night we were entertained by an hour long dry lightning storm. Dramatic flashes across the sky every 15 to 20 seconds.

Gotta run, Mom is treating me to a 90 minute Vietnamese massage at the spa. Monsoon rains are approaching, will be a wet walk to a.

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