Franschhoek is Capetown’s Napa Valley

Africa 389We stayed on a family farm/vineyard in Franschhoek. The farm was a combination of fruit orchards, olive trees and vineyards. The fruit is all shipped to the EU in their winter, Franschhoek’s summer. The olives are pressed into their own olive oil and the grapes are turned into their own label wine by another winery. We stayed in one of 6 guest cottages. They were quite luxurious and well guarded by the farm dog Joey. He is walking with me on the farm in top photo. As a guest, all tastings in the tasting room along with bread and their olive oil were complimentary. A bottle of wine appeared in the room each day.

Franschhoek was the highlight of our trip. One hour drive out of Capetown, they cooled in the evening from Capetown’s fog and boiled during the day under the sun. Sounds like Napa Valley. This valley was like vineyards in the Swiss Alps. amazingly beautiful terrain. Ran across a couple from Scotland who spend their winters here in their home. Charles Branson just bought a boutique hotel here to add to his hotel collection. We will return. Africa 377 Africa 385Africa 387

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