Lunch Time and We Weren’t Invited, Thank God!!!

Africa 1285 This Leopard was knoshing on a Bushbuck in a tree next to the blacktop road. We were on of about a dozen cars stopped and watching. After a minute or two he/she climbed down out of the tree walked over to the left about 200 feet and laid down in the grass and rested. Leopards are one of the Big 5 and we fortunately saw all 5. ( 1  Leopard, 5 Lions, 5-6 Cape Buffalo, 3 Rhino and 50++ Elephants).

Hygiene Is a Family Affair for the Babboons

Africa 083Dad kept an eye on us, in the car, while family attended to his needs (obviously a tick removal). We followed these four and about 15 more as they slowly walked up the road ahead of us. Took about 5 minutes for them to leave the road so we could drive by. Have to confess that these posts are actually 3 months after the fact. Just became aware of this website recently. Am recreating the trip in order.

Think We Better Let Him Get Out of the Way Before We Drive On.

Africa 030The animal life in Kruger is immense and amazing. Every 5 minutes you see another animal or herds of a species. The cats in this park eat well and don’t have to go far for the next meal. You are not allowed out of your car while out driving. The animals are indifferent to the cars. They can’t smell you inside. Get out of the car and they might attack you. The main roads in Kruger Park are all black top and auxiliary roads are gravel. Our Avis rental car held up fine on all road conditions.

Arrived at Mopani Rest Camp in Kruger National Park, our first night in park.

Africa 096 Africa 097Africa 035By the time we reached Mopani Camp, we had already seen three zebra, an elephant next to our car, tons of bushbucks and Impalas and two hippopotamus. The rental bungalows are ensuite, air conditioned and with a kitchen fully stocked with all utensils. The rooms are serviced daily. The rest camps have grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and coin op Laundromats. In our six nights, we stayed in 4 rest camps and paid $85-125 USD per night.