Back In Luang Prabang, Laos

After a long 24 hour + transit involving  3 flights plus layovers, we finally arrived in Luang Prabang at 4PM. Managed to stay awake to acclimate to the new time zone and went to bed at 10PM.

We are staying in the same small hotel which is now expanding to its 4th building. We have the same room as last time with a view of the Mekong River across the road. We are in the yellow with blue trim bldg.


Laos has been a Communist country since 1975. The hammer and sickle flags fly everywhere. Curiously, most stores  and hotels are owned and run by expats (European and Canadian) employing the locals.


As a former French colony, the architecture of the town is colonial French.


Our hotel has a deck over the banks of the Mekong across the street from the hotel. Here we have our breakfasts and dinner if we opt to.



The tempertures hit 100 degrees everyday with 90% humidity. Everone hunkers down between noon and 4PM. The early mornings and evenings are delightful. Some however must work between noon and 4 as the photo below illustrates.



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