Our 1st Night In Varanasi

Our 1st day in Varanasi was really cut short. The original flight from Kolkata was to get us into Varanasi at 0945. This was canceled. New flight got us in at 1600. Day lost.

At 1800 we left for the evening religious ceremony on the banks of the Ganges called the Aarti. The entire city comes to a standstill and the sound of chimes and songs reverberate in each street. This is sensory overload.

The best way to observe all that activity day or night are from small boats on the Ganges. Yesterday they went out on strike.

Enjoy our sights and sounds. Finally found the cows again. Never saw a cow in Kolkata.



The guy in the sage green coat (above photo) is our guide. Many interesting people along the way.





The Aarti ceremony was loud and smokey, filled with burning incense.










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