Osaka to Kanazawa

Arriving Osaka from Shanghai at 10PM, we overnighted at the Nikko Kansai Airport hotel. The next morning we trained for 4 hours from Osaka to Kanazawa via Kyoto.20180627_105514



We arrived Kanazawa and taxied to our hotel. Good new Hotel Trusty. Laugh at the name, so Asian. Everything gets an English language name even though it makes no sense. Brand new and contemporary in style, next door to Salvatore Ferragamo and across from Gucci. Guess we won’t be shopping. Our hotel tariff includes breakfast. Very Japanese fare. 20180628_090604


We ate a lot of these goodies and not so goodies. Fortunately, they also had a Western section. Most guests here are Japanese. They are both.

The following photo is my oxymoronic post of the day. 20180627_182659

Today we begin our exploration of Kanazawa. Future post will encompass two areas, ancient architecture and the park gardens. Sayonnara for now.

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