Backwater Barge In Alleppey, India

We arrived riverside at noon and motor boated out to where our own private barge was tied up to the shore. We were greeted by the 3 crew members, captain, first hand, and chef. The barge is all open air except for our air-con, ensuite bedroom.




After an hour under way lunch was served. (see next picture).  We lazed around for the next 5 hours watching life in the villages along the shores as we traversed the lakes and waterways. The area is all rice fields. The fields were brilliant green





Around 6:00, we tied up to the shore along a canal and spent the night. Dinner was served at 7:30. To much food! Soon thereafter we retired for the evening. The crew has their own quarters on the barge. The following morning after breakfast we were underway back to the terminal. Had a great time and a real experience.




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