Cochin, Kerala India

Cochin has an interesting history. First discovered by Vasco de Gama (fortunate for the natives because they didn’t know where they were) in 1552 making it a Portugese colony. Next came the priests to convert the heathens. Then the Dutch took over and converted the Catholic churches to Luthern churches. Then the 20171231_101039Anglican British arrived. Well to cut to the quick, Cochin’s 3 million plus population is 60% Christian, overwhelming Catholic.

Jews arrived in Kerala in 72AD fleeing the Romans. Cochin has a Synagogue but only 5 remaining Jews. The majority have immigrated on to the West, Europe and Australia. About 5,000 Jews remain in all of India.

Our dinner was Celeste”s birthday dinner. Ya, I bought the group’s CD.

View from our balcony.
Cute Cochin street.

Celeste is giving a few ironing tips to the professional laundry man.

Chinese fishing nets at work.



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