Mumbai (Bombay), India


Most locals still call the city Bombay which is its original pre British name. The new name “Mumbai” is a religious Hindu name. A congested city of over 24 million people. We are staying in the southern district called Nariman, also the business district. This is where the Pakistani terrorists attacked a few years ago, killing hundreds of people in hotels and restaurants including the Oberoi Hotel next to us. Tonight we will have dinner at the Leopold Cafe where a dozen or so diners were killed. Oh well, life goes on.

The city has abysmal traffic. Half of our all day city tour was spent in traffic. A massive multi-lined subway system is under construction and will be completed in 2019. Prime Minister Modi was here last week inspecting construction. Following are random photos of our day, hopefully with attached descriptions. I have a tough time formatting this site.


Morning view from our room.


Fellow tourists.


Promenade across from our hotel overlooking the Arabian Sea.


Children waiting to enter the Prince of Wales Museum.


The famous Taj Mahal Hotel


This 27 story building is the family home of the 7th richest man on earth. This is the second most expensive residence on earth after Buckingham Palace. The owner never slept a night here, only his mother and children and families. Staff of over 600 people also live here along with a garage housing over 200 vintage automobiles. Before the owner (Jio Corp.) moved in, an astrologer told him that if he slept one night here he would lose his fortune. So, he kept his old residence to sleep in and only visits here.


Mahatma Ghandi’s house. Now a museum of his life. Dr. Martin Luther King visited here on his Ghandi quest.


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