Sayonara? To Singapore

Singapore is a Communist country. A huge city state at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, about 30 miles north of Indonesia across the Singapore Strait. A communist country with benevolent but authorian leaders. Drug trafficking is a mandatory death sentence by hanging. No questions asked. Everything is uber organized and squeaky clean and beautiful.Think Disneyland. All taxis are new and spotless. Our metered taxi from airport taxi stand to our Airbnb was a Mercedes with leather interior and a lit up taxi sign on top.

70% of Singaporeans are ethnic Chinese with the remaining 30% being Indian, Malaysian and Arab. Singapore has the highest per capita income in SE Asia. All manual labor is done by dark skined Malaysians. Even they are on their Iphones on their breaks and always have a broad smile when eye contact is made.

Singapore is a model for China. One party but a benevolent party. Are we reading this Putin and your oligarchs?

Gotta go to bed. Up at 4:30 AM tomorrow, out by 6:30 for our 16 hour flight home at 9:30. Yawn!

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