Te Anau to Dunedin



Yesterday we did a full day trip to Doubtful Sound. Even more impressive than Milford Sound. Two days of drizzling rain but stunning scenery. Check me out under the waterfall on YouTube (Tom Brodehl).


Why build a two lane expensive bridge when you can build one. All rural bridges are like this. If you have the black arrow in your direction you have the right of way, red, you don’t. Have crossed at least 50 bridges so far. It works.

Our drive today was over 8 hours ( inc. lunch & photo ops). Made it into Dunedin (done eden) at 5:45 PM. Really got down the driving on left (leafed) side of road. Our route today took us away from the west coast (Tasmin Sea) and brought us around the southern tip of southern island to the Pacific Ocean. We hugged the coast for hours traveling through the most beautiful farmland. Following are some shots of today’s drive.





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