The Rachamankah, Chiang Mai, Thailand



This is our third visit to Rachamankha. The hotelhas 24 rooms. The two guys who designed, built and own this hotel were both in the antique and interior design business. The breezeways are full of antique document chests and armoires, antique sculpture and antique framed religious drawings with silk matting. The hotel is way Zen. Background music is classical both Asian and European. The staff are quieter than church mice. You never hear them moving about, not even in the dining room.



There are two open center courtyards. The building between the two courtyards is an open air sala with cinnabar lacquer columns furnished with sofas, chairs and framed art. The perfect place for our first glass of wine. We up the ceiling fan to high to keep the mosquitoes away. Classical music plays softly in the background. We hang out at the pool after a hot sweaty day in town. We get there around 4PM and move to the sala for wine time.


The rooms are also furnished in Asian antiques(armoire, desk, night stands, chest of drawers). For a small hotel they have an amazing restaurant. During our last stay we ate all four dinners here and will do the same again. When you have the best restaurant in Chiang Mai, why look around. Breakfast, which is included, is done off an ala carte menu not the stuff your face buffets. You are served in the dining room or outside terrace by their wait staff. All dishes are bone China and the glassware is cut crystal (except juice glasses). I’m actually beginning to like classical music.


The library is the most sequestered part of Rachamankha. The best part is the self serve brandy decanter and glasses. “Mot-hai-ba-yo” (Cheers in Vietnamese).

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