Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


It was a long 7 hr. drive from Jodhpur to Udaipur. This included a 2 hour stop over at an amazing temple of the Jain sect of Hinduism. The temple is chiseled out of solid marble. It is in the mountains along a narrow winding road which passes through numerous small towns with amazing city life viewing.

Now in Udaipur, we toured the city. The palace has a well presented museum of its history. Udaipur is a great boutique and clean city by India standards. We are staying at a wonderful new 2 yr. old hotel spread out over multiple acres. Quite beautiful. Each free standing bldg. has 4 units and each bldg. has 4 solar panels on its roof for hot water and the water is very hot. Only 500,000 people live in the town which  is built around 5 man made lakes. This town is quite a contrast to the arid desert cities we had become accustomed to. Tomorrow we fly back to Delhi for the night. Then onto Bangkok for 4 nights. We will miss our driver Vinod Kashi. He has been with us 12 days and has become like family. Calls us mom and dad. After all he is only 40.


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