Pushkar, India

IMG_20151231_213220039IMG_20160101_032450813IMG_20160101_033720999IMG_20160101_035807498The real India emerges as we travel further into Rajhastan. Pushkar is a tiny town of only 15,000 residents. Its main industry is Indian tourism. Pushkar is also where all the international hippies come to gather. Many Anglos looking and dressing Indian. Pushkar is ashram central. Pushkar has one unique thing going for it, it has the one and only temple dedicated to the god Brahma in all of India. Every Hindu is expected to make a full pilgrimage before they die.  One of the stops is Pushkar for this temple. There are tiny narrow arcade streets lined with shops. Amazing people watching and cow watching too. The cows (mostly wild) roam the streets along with the people (mostly tamed) as they do throughout India.They are both use to each other and non plussed. The dairy of the cow is religiously interpreted as providing nutrition to the people.

In the center of the town is a large lake surrounded by ghats which are steps down to the water. We sat on the steps and received a blessing from  Brahman priest. Ten minute long ceremony where we meditated for all relatives living and dead for good health and long lives. Also included Dawn😁 The good health and long life excluded those already dead. Oh, so many religions and so little time. Was an experience.

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