Jaipur, India

IMG_20151230_214707538We started New Years Eve day with an early IMG_20151230_222213712IMG_20151230_200617350morning trip to the Amber Fort in Jaipur.

IMG_20151230_212040051_HDR The fort is the center of the old town of Jaipur or the Pink City. Everything in the old city is terracotta pink in color. The city walls ramble over the steep hills for miles resembling the Great Wall in China. City architectural codes maintain the natural terracotta color and the huge Fort and emperor’s palaces are all UNESCO Heritage Sites. All were built in the 17th Century.

The British basically left Rajasthan alone during their occupancy. Rajasthan contained 59. kingdoms. It still does but all titular. India is a democracy as of 1947 when the Brits pulled out. The current King of Jaipur is a 17 year old college student living in his 49 room Palace in center of town.

The afternoon was spent exploring the areas around the palaces and Jaipur Museum.


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