Day Trip to Nara from Osaka

Finally settling in and overcoming jet lag. Our Airbus 330 from Honolulu to Osaka was accelerating down the runway for take off when after about 10 seconds (well before liftoff) the engines both went quiet and the plane braked to a slow roll down the runway. The pilot exited the runway and drove back to terminal. He said the air speed indicator had a malfunction warning light. Fortunately we were at Hawaiian Airlines hub and they had a replacement aircraft. We flew from Oakland to Honolulu on that very same A330 that crapped out. Glad it waited! Took two hours to unload us, wait for replacement aircraft to arrive, unload all luggage and food to new aircraft then reload us.

Today we did a day trip by train to the nearby town of Nara. Nara Park and its temples are one of numerous UNESCO Heritage sites. There are hundreds of these small deer roaming the park. They love to get fed food cookies sold by vendors. They are very tame and love to be petted and fed. Much like dogs.IMG_20150623_210236

Tomorrow we train up to Kyoto. Definitely our favorite location in Japan.

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