Double Rainbow at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to the Right, Zambia to the Left

Africa 269Africa 316Africa 238Africa 277The falls drop off into the river below for over one mile in length. The river is part of the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. We flew into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from Johannesberg on none other than British Airways. The falls experience was quite wet to say the least. One walks the length of the falls on a paved walkway at the top of the cliff for the entire one mile stopping at numerous pop out viewing areas. The mist was a wet experience. Very beautiful none the less. The town of Victoria Falls was small but interesting. Never felt threatened. Was quite vicious for tourists 10 years ago. Plenty of warthogs roaming the streets during the day and elephants late at night but we were snug in our beds by then. Plenty of great restaurants run by expats.

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